Environmental & Social Justice

Board of Directors

Indigo development & change is a registered non profit organisation (section 21 company as under South African legislation) and governed by a board of four directors.

Board members are:

Eugene Marinus (Chair & Treasurer)

Bettina Koelle (Vice-Chair)

Rhoda Malgas (Secretary)

Eugene Marinus (Chair & Treasurer) is a founding member of Indigo development & change. With a strong passion for conservation and environmental education. Eugene is currently employed with SANBI and is the curator of the Hantam National Botanical Garden.

Bettina Koelle (Vice - Chair) graduated with a Master degree at the Free University of Berlin (Germany) in 1997 and has been working as a development practitioner in the field for more than 15 years. With a strong passion for participatory approaches she has supported the development of various participatory methodologies to support an action research approach linking grassroots processes to global debate, specifically focusing on linking local adaptation action to the climate negotiations and the IPCC process by providing input and case studies from the field. In this context her focus has been on marginalized groups and especially women.
She is currently undertaking research towards her PhD at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) on anticipatory capacity and participatory monitoring and evaluation of community based adaptation projects.

Rhoda Malgas (Secretary) joined Indigo development & change as a staff member towards the end of her postgraduate studies at UCT in 2005. Her MSc in Botany had as its focus the sustainable harvesting of wild rooibos in the Suid Bokkeveld -  a study for which she relied heavily on the input of small-scale producers in the region. Rhoda made her home in Nieuwoudtville between 2005 and 2008, serving as a Member of the Board since its inception in 2006. Since her move back to Cape Town, Rhoda has taken up a lecturing position with the Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology at Stellenbosch University. She now lectures on the subjects that she distilled from her experiences during her postgraduate studies: community based natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, sustainable management of terrestrial species. Her interest in Social-Ecological Systems (SES's) and the relationships between people and their natural environments still form the core of her academic interests. Rhoda serves as Secretary to the Indigo Board, and retains her collegial ties with colleagues in Nieuwoudtville and the Suid Bokkeveld.