Capacity Development

Capacity Development & Learning in Our Organisation

In keeping with its commitment to develop the capacity of local residents from the communities in which it works, Indigo is committed to provide capacity development opportunities to junior staff and an opportunity for exposure to conservation-oriented careers.

Indigo facilitates reading classes for both primary and high school learners once a week to assist learners with their reading and writing skills. Over the past year, Indigo also created opportunities for young farmers in the Suid Bokkeveld community to advance them with Management, Hospitality, First Aid, and field guiding skills.  Indigo also offers internship positions to interested individuals wanting to make a contribution in the various fields we work in.

Upcoming training

Facilitation for Adaptation: a training courseTBD
(Depending on COVID situation)
Computer skills and virtual engagementsTBD
(Depending on COVID situation)
Local training course
The 2022 Suid Bokkeveld Climate Champions Youth Group
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