Environmental & Social Justice


Shannon Parring

Shannon is the director of Indigo and is leading the climate change adaptation programme. She is responsible for community liaison, documentation and knowledge management, and she is involved in the climate change preparedness workshops that Indigo runs in the Suid Bokkeveld. Shannon has facilitated training workshops on community based adaptation and has been involved in managing adaptation processes from community to policy level. She works on the grass root level and completed an exchange programme hosted by Germanwatch and the German Governent for young climate leaders in 2015. Shannon has directed and produced a number of videos, including community videos on climate change and leads the Indigo video team.

Albert Koopman
(Project Manager)

Albert has joined our team in 2016 and is passionate about working with people and nature. He studied education and leads the Capacity Development Programme, while also being responsible for the Nieuwoudtville Eco Fellow programme. Albert is also passionate about photography and filming and is part of the Indigo video team.

Areefa Tietis
(Financial Manager)

Areefa manages our administration of the organisation. She is a former Groen Sebenza pioneer and is positive about life in all its aspects and has a passion for communicating with people. Born in VanRhynsdorp, Areefa joined the Indigo team in May 2016 to help us with the financial administration of the organisation. She also works on project on the Capacity Development - Biodiversity Interface.

Laurence Januarie

Laurence has joined Indigo as an intern supporting the Wild Olive Training Centre in 2017.

Marlene Witbooi
(Office Manager)

Marlene works as the office assistmanagerant taking care of all the small and important tasks to help us maintain order and a smooth work flow. She is passionate about keeping things together and helping people in need.

Indigo Associates

Bettina Koelle
(Associate and board member)

Bettina holds a Master's Degree in Geography, Cartography and Anthropology of the Free University of Berlin. She has been working in the development field since 1997, focusing on trans disciplinary research and participatory methods. She is involved in climate change adaptation working with rural communities, training, social research, Participatory GIS and organisational development. Bettina has been director of Indigo from 2006-2017 and is currently holding the position of a Senior Learning Specialist with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.

Eleonore Slabbert

Eleonore is enthusiastic about working in partnership with local communities toward ecosystem-based adaptation, promoting more sustainable development and conservation within South Africa. She enjoys working with youth and adults on a range of topics aimed at capacity development of individuals and communities. Her work related interests range from ecosystem-services, natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, agroecology and biodiversity conservation. Her academic background includes a B.Sc. Conservation Ecology and M.Sc. Entomology from the University of Stellenbosch.

Danzel Januarie
(Indigo Associate)

Danzel is managing the biodiversity and capacity development processes, especially the Eco Fellowship programme. He also facilitates training courses for adults and youth ranging from computer science to biodiversity monitoring. Danzel was also part of the Groen Sebenza Fellowship programme, and is now studing graphic design at the Cape Technicon.

Candice Arendse
(Indigo Associate)

Candice has a BSc degree from the University of Cape Town. Candice is currently undertaking her Masters in Environmental Law at the University of the Western Cape, with a focus on Gender Rights and Water Resource Management. She has worked on the climate change adaptation programme of Indigo and was the co-ordinator of the South African Adaptation Network. She was also actively involved in the Biodiversity Programme, facilitating eco-based tourism along the Rooibos Heritage Route.

Candice was also part of the Groen Sebenza Fellowship programme.

Katinka Waagsaether
(Indigo Associate)

Katinka holds a Masters degree in Environmental and Geographical Science of the University of Cape Town. In her masters research she looked at the vulnerability of small-scale farmers in Mpumalanga and how they are coping with climate variability and change. Katinka works on climate change adaptation projects.

Rhoda Malgas
(Indigo Associate)

Rhoda holds a Master's Degree in Botany of the University of Cape Town. Rhoda is working on projects pertaining to sustainable natural resource use with specific focus on the conservation and ecology of biodiversity in the rooibos production area. Her work related interests to date include management and sustainable production of wild rooibos, the ecology of wild rooibos ecotypes, climate change and its effects on biodiversity in the Fynbos and Succulent Karoo biomes. Rhoda is currently based at the University of Stellenbosch.

Julia Cain
(Indigo Associate)

Julia Cain is Associated with the Univeristy of Cape Town and specialises in participatory video.

Adele Arendse
(Indigo Associate)

Adele has been involved in climate change adaptation for many years and is currently based with the University of Wageningen working on her Master's Degree focusing on Monitoring & Evaluation in Community Based Climate Change Adaptation Projects.

Wendy Annecke
(Indigo Associate)

Wendy has a doctorate in gender, energy and development studies. She has held senior positions at the Energy and Development Research Centre (now ERC) at the University of Cape Town, the Human Sciences Research Council and Global Village Energy Partnership International. At ERC she specialized in participatory methodologies and qualitative research design and was responsible for bringing a gender focus to the Centre's work. She first wrote the likely social impacts of climate change on women in Africa in 2002. Wendy used to lead the Indigo climate change adaptation programme.