Our programmes

Climate Change Adaptation

We focus adaptation options for the most vulnerable groups – exploring impacts and possible actions on the grassroots level, linking this to local and global policy.

Taking Climate Action on all levels is important – and we aim to contribute to link the local with the global to support effective action.

Capacity Development

We explore and experiment with the design and facilitation of interactive learning events and workshops. We actively offer training workshops and internships to support capacity development.

Facilitation skills are important in these complex times, where deep dialogue is crucial.

Biodiversity Conservation

We are passionate about biodiversity conservation as we are based in a global biodiversity hotspot. We conduct biodiversity monitoring in South Africa and work actively with small scale farmers to explore sustainable livelihoods that support biodiversity and are responding to a changing climate.

Interactive game at COP15 in Paris: Inviting COP delegates to test their listening skills

Interactive dialogue through experiential learning

We are actively supporting

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