Research Publications & Reports

Lorimer, E, Zvigadza, S, Shava, C, Parring, S: (2018) Opportunities for accessing international climate adaptation finance for civil society organisations in Zimbabwe. Brot für die Welt.

Lorimer, E, Merrill, T, and Soal, S: (2021) Cascading Compliance: Lessons on achieving compliance within the Adaptation Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy requirements. Case Study 9. Small Grants Facility project.


Koelle, B; Slabbert, E; Koopman,A; Oettle, N; Archer, E; Kotze, D (2016) Livestock Farming under Climate Change Conditions.

Oettle, N; Koelle, B; Law, S; Parring, S; Schmiedel, U; Archer van Garderen, E; Bekele, T (2014) Participatory Adaptation Handbook- A practitioner’s guide for facilitating people centred adaptation

Koelle, B; Oettle, N; Parring, S (2014) Experiential Learning for Adaptation – Facilitation Cards.

Malgas, R; Oettle, N: (2008) Sustainable harvesting of wild rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) in the Suid Bokkeveld, Northern Cape. EMG.

Oettle,N; Koelle, B: (2003) Capitalising on local knowledge – Community knowledge exchange: a toolkit for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of community to community knowledge exchanges.

Koelle, B. et al: (2010) Science and research for change – A Lobbying Handbook for Scientists, Indigo development & change and BIOTA Africa.


Reader: Adaptation and beyond

Adaptation and beyond CASE STUDY Adaptation with a Human Face 

Adaptation and beyond No 1: Community Based Adaptation 

Adaptation and beyond No 2: Working with adults 

Adaptation and beyond No 3: Climate Science 

Adaptation and beyond No 4: Gender and adaptation 

Adaptation and beyond No 5: Different concepts for multi-disciplinary learning with adults  

Adaptation and beyond No 6: Defining Adaptation  

Adaptation and beyond No 7: Climate Models 

Adaptation and beyond No 8: Climate Change Preparedness Workshops  

Adaptation and beyond No 9: Modelling Rooibos crop suitability and distribution under scenarios of climate change

Adaptation and beyond No 10: The Seasonal Forecast Game 

Adaptation and beyond No 11: Livestock monitoring for adaptation  

Adaptation and beyond No 12:Multilevel partnerships for mainstreaming climate change in local government 

Adaptation and beyond No 13:Climate Change Adaptation and Ethics 

Adaptation and beyond No 14:Participatory Photography

Adaptation and beyond No 15:Sharing Lessons of Adaptation 

Adaptation and beyond No 16:Adaptation in the local context 

Climate champions for adaptation series

Workshop presentations

Community based adaptation to climate change workshop  – 25 October 2010
Chris Jack presentation: Climate Science and seasonal forecasts 
Sandy Hoffman: Working with adults in transition 
Claire Davis – CSIR – A Climate Change Handbook for Eastern South Africa 
South African Risk and Vulnerability Brochure 
South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas 

Papers and Conference presentations

Annecke, W. 2008. The biofuels debate: Is jatropha curcas the answer for small scale women farmers? At the World Bank, 22 May.

Annecke, W. 2007. Monitoring men and evaluating women: Gender considerations in Monitoring and Evaluation. Presented at the Development Energy Africa Regional Workshop, Arusha, Tanzania 16-18 October.

Annecke, W. 2006. Key challenges in addressing climate change, energy and environment issues, presented at 2nd Annual South African Women and the Environment conference, Empowering Women for Environmental Action, held in Mpumulanga, 07-09 August 2006.

Annecke, W. 2004. What are we measuring and why? In the gender and energy session at the World Renewables Energy Congress, Denver, USA, 31 August – 4 September 2004.

Annecke, W. 2004 ‘Things are changing’ – so does gender still matter? Paper presented at a plenary session at the World Renewables Energy Congress, Denver, USA, 31 August – 4 September 2004.

Annecke, W. 1998. Is there a women’s perspective of environmental and media issues? paper presented at the State of the Ecological Movement in South Africa workshop, Cape Town, March/April.

Annecke, W. 1995. Women and education in South Africa, paper presented at the conference on Women Changing the World: New perspectives on thinking globally and acting locally, University of Illinois, 22 April.

Annecke, W. 1995. The Mopane Pickers in Botswana: Woman and children do the picking, who has the pick of the profits? paper presented in the Centre for African Studies series, University of Illinois, 10 April.

Hawkins,Heidi J.: Wild rooibos germination and propagation trial under greenhouse conditions, 2009.

Hawkins, Heidi J.: Wild rooibos germination and propagation trial under greenhouse conditions, 2009.

Koelle, B., & Waagsaether, K. (2014). Growing rooibos and a stronger community: participation and transformation. In J. Ensor, R. Berger & S. Huq (Eds.), Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change – Emerging Lessons (pp. 206). Rugby, UK: Practical Action Publishing.

Koelle, B. (2013). Women farmer scientists in participatory action research processes for adaptation. In M. Alston & K. Whittenbury (Eds.), Research, Action and Policy: Adressing the Gendered impacts of Climate Change (pp. 223). Dordrecht: Springer.

Koelle, B (2009): Take a walk on the Wild Side: Small Scale Rooibos Tea Farmers are taking action to adapt to climate change. Paper presented as a key note presentation at the Univeristy of York, Conference: Climate Change Apaptation and Disenfrenchised People, Toronto, Canada.

Koelle, B: (2009) “I am here because I want to be here” – perceptions of small scale farmers on climate change adaptation”, Indigo paper.

Koelle, B, Oettle, N: (2010) Adapting with Enthusiasm: Climate change adaptation in the context of participatory action research, Indigo paper. 

Koopman, K., Louw, L., Louw, R.R. (2006) Climate Change and Rooibos: research in action. Oral paper co-presented with participating farmers at Climate Change conference hosted by National Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Midrand, Johannesburg.

Louw, R.R. (2006) Sustainable harvesting of wild rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) in the Suid Bokkeveld, Northern Cape. Unpublished MSc. (Bot.) Thesis. Leslie Hill Institute for Plant Conservation, Botany Department, UCT.

Louw R.R and Huntly, P. (2006) Sustainable harvesting of wild rooibos: poor man’s cup of tea makes good. Veld & Flora September edition.

Louw, R.R. & Koopman, J. (2006) Climate Change and adaptive strategies of Rooibos small-scale farmers in the Northern Cape. Paper presentation at Climate Change workshop hosted by Western Cape Provincial Department of Environment and Development Planning at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town.

Louw R. (2004). Participatory Action Research (PAR) in the Veld: A case study on sustainable harvesting of wild rooibos tea (Aspalathus linearis). Paper presented at the Indigenous Plant Use Forum held in Clanwilliam, 5-8 July 2004. (Paper received award as Best Paper at the conference).

Louw R. (2004) Delivering the goods for the sustainable harvesting of wild rooibos tea (Aspalathus linearis). Paper presented at the Fynbos Forum held in Langebaan 10-13 August 2004.

Malgas,R; Hawkins,H; Koelle, B; Parring, S; Smuts, N: Propagation of wild rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) as a livelihood strategy for small-scale farmers adapting to Climate Change in the Suid Bokkeveld, Northern Cape Province, South Africa, 2009.

Suarez, P., Mendler de Suarez, J., Koelle, B., & Boykoff, M. (2014). Serious Fun: Scaling up community based adaptation through experiential learning. In L. F. Schipper, J. Ayers, H. Reid & A. Rahman (Eds.), Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change (pp. 275). London and New York: Earthscan/ Routledge.

Todd, S. (2008): Final report on the results and analysis of the Wild Oats control experiment in the Nieuwoudtville Wildflower Reserve.

Todd, S. (2008):Fine-Scale Vegetation Map of the Nieuwoudtville Wildflower Reserve. 

Todd, S. (2008): Description and Layout of the Alien Grass Eradication Trial, Nieuwoudtville Wildflower Reserve.

Todd, S. (2008): The Abundance and Impact of Alien Annual Grasses on Hantam-Roggeveld Dolerite Renosterveld Vegetation at Nieuwoudtville, Northern Cape, South Africa. 

Todd, S. (2008): Options for Invasive Grass Management in the Nieuwoudtville Wildflower Reserve. 

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